August 4, 2015

Los Angeles City Council Unanimously Approves Archer Forward

Earlier today, Archer Forward received a unanimous vote of approval from the Los Angeles City Council, the fourth and final hearing in the public stakeholder process that Archer began four years ago.

This victory comes after years of tremendous effort by our entire community and productive negotiations with Councilman Mike Bonin’s office, as well as the Brentwood Homeowners Association and the Residential Neighbors of Archer, both of whom withdrew their opposition to the project. This compromise truly serves as a model for how schools and neighborhoods can work together.

Our sights are now set on building the campus that our students deserve, and we look forward to celebrating this milestone along with Archer's 20th anniversary when school resumes in the fall. Thank you to the hundreds of supporters who sent emails and letters and turned out to witness this historic moment.

June 30, 2015

Los Angeles City Council Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee Unanimously Approves Archer Forward

On June 30, the Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee of the Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted to approve the Archer Forward project— a critical vote that builds upon the unanimous vote from the Los Angeles City Planning Commission, and ushers the project toward a final approval at a hearing before the full City Council later this summer.

This victory comes after four years of tremendous effort by our entire community and productive negotiations with the Brentwood Homeowners Association and the Residential Neighbors of Archer, both of whom withdrew their opposition to Archer Forward at the hearing. We’re proud to have earned their support.

Read more about the PLUM Committee approval for Archer Forward in Westside Today.

April 23, 2015

Unanimous Vote of Approval for Archer Forward by the Los Angeles City Planning Commission

In a vote that sets the course for the future of The Archer School for Girls, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission unanimously approved the Archer Forward plan at its meeting on April 23. This is a significant milestone for the project, and validation that the plan is thoughtful and responsive to community priorities.

The Planning Commission’s vote took place after nearly four years of constructive dialogue with numerous neighborhood stakeholder groups and the Council Office. We strongly believe that the current Archer Forward plan delivers on our educational mission while protecting and respecting the Brentwood neighborhood we call home.

Next, Archer Forward will go before the Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee of the City Council, and then will proceed to a final vote of the full City Council. Archer will continue to work with Councilman Bonin and local stakeholders during these final stages of the planning and approval process.

Read the article in the Westside Today about the December 8th hearing on Archer Forward! Thank you to everyone who testified and helped us pack the room in support of the project.

“Archer has worked extremely hard for many years to work with our neighbors and the council office to create a compromise plan that delivers a 21st Century, world-class education for girls in a manner that is respectful of the Brentwood neighborhood we call home… we have listened intently, recognizing the concerns of our most proximate neighbors, and compromised in a very meaningful way.”

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November 20, 2014

Councilman Mike Bonin Releases Follow Up Commending Archer for Listening and Responding

Dear Friends,

On October 2, I sent a letter to the Brentwood Community outlining issues and concerns I had with the Archer School for Girls' original expansion proposal for its Brentwood campus. In that letter, I identified more than 30 necessary changes for Archer to make the project appropriate for the neighborhood and to win my approval.

My letter called for changes to the proposed structures in the project, and it called for changes in the operations of the project, addressing neighborhood impacts and universal concerns about traffic. Archer promptly agreed to meet all my demands and last week, with the release of the Final EIR, we got a chance to measure their progress in meeting those commitments. 

I am pleased and grateful to see that Archer has made all of the structural changes I requested, including the elimination of field lights, the elimination of the Aquatics Center, reducing the size of the Performing Arts Center and moving all proposed above-ground parking spaces underground to limit noise. I commend them for listening to me and to the community....

To read his entire statement, please click here.

October 15, 2014


On October 2, City Councilman Mike Bonin issued a public position on the Archer Forward plan. He outlined dozens of changes that needed to be made to the original plan in order to earn his support.

Many of the councilman’s proposed modifications were the result of the comprehensive and productive stakeholder process we engaged in over the years. After careful consideration, our Board of Trustees has determined that a revised Archer Forward plan, incorporating the Councilman’s required changes, would still contain the essential elements to deliver a world class education to tomorrow’s women leaders.

As a result, The Archer School for Girls is pleased to announce that it is prepared to agree to the Councilman’s proposed changes.

We look forward to creating a joyful 21st century learning environment, and a campus that is a source of pride for the entire community.

To learn more about the revised plan, please click here.